Zinc Alloys are easy to cast alloys composed primarily of elemental zinc. These alloys contain approximately 4% aluminum, which provides tensile and impact stregnth. The alloys that we use bear the designations #3, #5 and #7 zinc. Also known as Zamak alloys, their numbers increase with their inhierant purity. Zinc is approximately 2.4 times as dense that aluminum, which makes it a good choice when extra weight is required in the application. It can also be run with thinner walls that aluminum castings.


#3 Zinc

The most popular and the least expensive of zinc alloys, this alloy achieves most of the desireable benefits of zinc in die casting.

#5 Zinc

Higher tensile and impact stregnth than #3 Zinc but with decreased ductility, this alloy is specified when these characteristics are preferred.


#7 Zinc

The highest purity alloy that we run, #7 Zinc again has decreased ductility, but with the highest tensile and impact stregnths of the zinc alloys that we run. The liquid flow characteristics of #7 may more flexibility in design of zinc die castings. #7 is the most expensive zinc alloy that we run.